Church Council

 2018 Church Council

Chair: Andy Wilkinson   Vice Chair: Lee Hoffman   Pastor: Daniel Randall 

                  Lay Leader: David Gaines   Lay Delegate to Annual Conference: Dick Erwin                        

Effective December 1, 2017

* Indicates Member of Church Council and Charge Conference


 Council on Finance Administration (COFA)

 Chaired by:  Lee Hoffman*

 Pastor: Daniel Randall*

 Treasurer/Secretary/ Administrator:  Paula Ledbetter *

 Church Council Chair:  Andy Wilkinson*

 Annual Conference Delegate: Dick Erwin*

 Lay Leader: David Gaines*

 SPRC:  Nelson Beech*

 Trustees: Jerry Garner* 


Committee on Lay Leadership

Chair: Pastor Daniel Randall

Lay Leader: David Gaines      COM Chair: Jane Harper

    2018 Dick Erwin       2019 Andy Wilkinson     2020: Gail Keigley


Staff Parish Relations Committee

Chair: Nelson Beech                                      Pastor Daniel Randall

Lay Leader: David Gaines                        AC Delegate: Dick Erwin

2018    Joan Schuck                Margaret French

2019    Evelyn Taylor                         Steve Duckworth

2020    Joyce Poehlein            Nelson Beech


Board of Trustees

Chair: Jerry Garner                 Vice Chair: David Drury 

2018    Jerry Garner                Lee Hoffman               Daniel Randall

2019    Price Legg                   John Poehlein              David Gaines

2020    John Dean                   David Drury                Jim Oase

 Membership Secretary/Historian:  Paula Ledbetter



 Council of Ministries (COM)

 Chaired by:  Jane Harper*                Lay Leader: David Gaines*

 Pastor: Daniel Randall*                    Secretary: Paula Ledbetter*

 Youth: Daniel Randall*                     Children: Joyce Ellison*

 UMM:  Dick Erwin*                          UMW: Gail Keigley*

 Worship Ministries: TBA                Mission/Outreach:  Dick Erwin*

 Evangelism: Luellen Sutton*            Webmaster: Tay Randall*   

 Family Ministries: TBA                   Prayer Ministries: TBA


Worship Ministry:  Chair: TBA

Altar:  Beverly Woosley

Communion: Becky Beech

Ushers and Greeters:  8am - Ann Brock / Frances Garner

    10am - Joyce Poehlein

Acolytes: Joyce Ellison, Children’s Director


Missions/Outreach: Chair: Dick Erwin  

Team: Nita Davis, Ann Suttle, Betty Erwin


Evangelism / Witness: Chair: Luellen Sutton

Team: Nita Davis, Ann Brock, Maxine Cooper, June Dupree, Gretchen Hatten


Family Ministries:  Chair: TBA

Monthly Pot Luck Coordinators:  Jim & Diana Hartley

Holiday Coordinator: Volunteers Needed

Bereavement Meals:  Jerry & Frances Garner / Archie & Helen Clay


Prayer Ministries:  Chair: TBA

Prayer Chain: Barbara Klinger

Monthly Prayer Service:  Jane Harper

Prayer Shawl Ministry: Gail Keigley

Pastor’s Men’s Prayer Group: Daniel Randall